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Rustic Bear Sculpture | Standing His Ground

Rustic Bronze Bear Sculpture, Standing His Ground

Standing His Ground

6” High Bronze
Edition 100

The grizzly was once the pinnacle predator of the American West. One even chased Meriwether Lewis into the Missouri River on their journey West. As man developed more sophisticated weapons, the grizzly became the hunted instead of the hunter, and nearly became extinct. The advancing hordes of people have pushed him to his limits, but thanks to modern protections, he is “Standing his Ground” in isolated pockets of the American West. Pre-Columbian is how I like to describe the feeling of this sculpture. Art before the arrival of white man allows your mind to envision the spirit of the grizzly arising from the molten bronze. This particular patina captures both the inherent beauty of the bronze, and the mystery of the ancient spirits of the bear.

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