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Scorpion Bronze Sculpture | Steer Clear!

Steer Clear!

7” High, 9” Long, 8” Wide Bronze
Edition 100

I gained a new awareness of scorpions when I was stung on the thumb, while reaching into a pile of sculpting clay. Fossils of scorpions have been found that are 430 million years old. I would say that the evolution of this species is probably nearing perfection. One must examine them closely to fully appreciate the complexity of this amazing arachnid, and it makes for a beautiful sculpture.

Scorpions glow in vibrant colors when exposed to fluorescent light. Thus, I’m offering this magnificent sculpture in a variety of exotic patinas. Among the choices are: Candy Apple Red, Neon Blue, Natural Sand, and traditional Bronze. Everyone will notice this electric sculpture in your home!

To purchase if you are located anywhere but the lower 48 states!

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