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Rustic Moose Sculpture | Moovin Out

Rustic Bronze Moose Sculpture, Moovin Out

Moovin Out

11″ High x 10 Long x 5″ Wide Bronze
Edition 100

A moose on the move is an incredible scene. Often they appear ungainly and awkward, but they can be both graceful and swift of foot. They are usually docile and ignore humans, but if provoked, they have been known to turn and demolish a car. As with most wild critters, it’s best to give them a wide berth.

This sculpture is the fifth in my pre-Columbian series. Primitive, yet sophisticated, is how I describe this series of sculpture. Your mind can envision the spirit of the regal moose arising from the flow of the molten bronze. This particular piece captures both the inherent beauty of the bronze, and the vision of the ancient spirits of the moose moving through the marshes of America.

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