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Bison Bronze Sculpture | American Icon!

American Icon!

6 1/2” High, 9″ Long, 3 1/2″ Wide Bronze
Edition 100

The bison once blanketed the prairies of the American West. Their herds were accompanied by wolf packs and tribes of Native Americans, which depended upon the bison for their very survival. Fortunately they were saved from certain extinction by some of our wiser forefathers.

To purchase if you are located anywhere but the lower 48 states!

Shipping Info$990.00

Primitive, yet sophisticated, is how I describe the feeling of this sculpture. Your mind can envision the spirit of the regal bison arising from the flow of the molten bronze. This particular piece captures both the inherent beauty of the bronze, and the vision of the ancient spirits of the bison standing over the panorama of the Great American West.