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Bear Bronze Sculpture | Griz

Grizzly Bear Bronze Sculpture, Griz


6” High Bronze
Edition 500

Grizzlies are well- equipped hunters, with a large hump of muscle on the top of their back. They also have huge claws and teeth, and an acute sense of smell. They can also cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, and have been seen to chase down and kill an elk. If left alone, they will probably not bother you. However, it gives a sense of apprehension when you are traveling in grizzly country and realize that you are not the apex predator. This bronze is finished in a translucent brown patina with black and white veining, which captures the inherent beauty of both the bronze and the bear.

To purchase if you are located anywhere but the lower 48 states!

Shipping Info$1,500.00