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Albatross Bronze Sculpture | Wave Runner

Albatross Bronze Sculpture, Wave Runner

Wave Runner

23 1/2” High Bronze
Edition 100

Albatross get a bad rap, because of misunderstandings of ancient folklore. In actuality, sailors considered them good luck, because they brought wind to their sails. In reality, they are the most efficient flying machines in the world, with wingspans up to 11 feet. These birds can lock their wings, and soar with the wind off the waves at speeds up to 80 mph without flapping their wings. Satellites have tracked them traveling over 500 miles in a single day. They can even shut down half of their brain at a time and continue to fly while sleeping. But, without the wind, they can’ t take off from the water, and have to wait until it starts blowing again to become air-born. This bronze is finished in a translucent brown patina with black and white veining, which captures the inherent beauty of both the bronze and the natural colors of the albatross. This sculpture is also mounted on a substantial marble base. The wave is an important component of the composition, as an albatross can’t be an albatross without the wind and the waves.

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